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Dental digital radiography

Digital radiography is a digital x-ray of the mouth and the teeth that allows dentists to see hidden abnormalities; like undetectable decay, cancerous and non-cancerous tumors, missing teeth, and teeth which are not growing properly.

Nowadays, technology has enhanced in the digital x-ray field. Earlier, x-rays were developed in a darkroom, but now, the digital x-rays are sent to a computer, where they can be viewed, stored or printed.

Dental Digital Radiography Olathe KS
The procedure of dental digital radiography

Digital x-rays are a quick and painless procedure. The x-rays vary depending on the age, risk for disease, signs, and symptoms. Earlier, films were needed to detect new cavities, check the status of gums or evaluate growth and developmentof teeth. Now however, digital x-rays are used to determine more diseases. Children need x-rays more than adults due to their dveloping, teeth and jaws, that can be easily affected by decay.

Advantages of digital radiography
  • Reduces radiation exposure
  • Enhances the ability of refining quality image
  • Instantly able to be viewed
  • Environment friendly
  • Easily able to be enlarged for better view
  • Can easily be sent to another dentist or specialist
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