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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do you have delocalised teeth or experiencing pain while speaking or eating? If yes, then wisdom teeth removal is a perfect treatment for you.

Wisdom teeth are also known as “third molars”, and generally developed between the ages of 16 to 20. Most individuals have four wisdom teeth, but it might be possible that they have fewer or none. If the teeth are properly aligned, it is not necessary to remove the wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are generally removed when they are not properly erupted or cause pain in the jaw. This treatment is highly recommended if the individual has infection, inflammation, pain, or crowding.

At Dental Care Olathe, we recommend our patients to maintain regular dental checkup to monitor the condition of their wisdom teeth. Also are ensured to handle the wisdom teeth procedure with full safety.

During adolescence and early twenties, generally the wisdom teeth appear. These are also known as ‘third molars’. A person can have maximum four wisdom teeth or may have none at all. The good news is wisdom teeth can be removed easily by professional dentists of Dental care Olathe.

Wisdom Teeth Procedure
  • Numbing your mouth with the use of sedation or general anesthesia.
  • Making an incision in gum to expose tooth and bone
  • Dividing the tooth into various pieces
  • Removing the tooth
  • Cleaning the extraction site and remove remaining debris
  • Stitching up the site for healing
  • Placing the gauze to control any bleeding and to assist this formation of a blood clot
Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Ideal alignment of teeth
  • Freedom from acute toothache
  • End of gum problems
  • End of gum problems
  • Protection from bacterial attach and infection
Pocket Friendly Expenditure
  • The cost of cosmetic dentistry differs from case to case
  • All the treatment options are cost effective
  • Contemporary Dental Management
    • Best possible techniques get applied here
    • Reliable dental practice guaranteed
    • We use only advanced dental surgery equipment

Our certified professionals check the whole mouth following an X-ray report and start their treatment. With the help of local anaesthesia or sedation, the expert will numb the affected area and make a small slit at the gum. After getting an exposure of the removable tooth and bone, the specialist breaks the tooth and removes the whole. After cleaning up the place he stitches the slit up and put in cotton to stop bleeding. The whole procedure of wisdom teeth removal is painless and takes less time to be completed.

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