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Wisdom teeth can cause multiple problems such as crowding your teeth, which may lead to crooked teeth along with jaw pain. The skilled family dentists at Dental Care Olathe in Olathe, Kansas, with another location opening soon in Overland Park, Kansas, can help prevent complications arising from your erupted wisdom teeth by removing them. To address any questions regarding your wisdom teeth and their possible removal, call us today or book your appointment online.

Wisdom Teeth Q & A

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are your third molars located near the back of your mouth. Most people have at least one of their wisdom teeth erupt in their late teens or early 20s.

It’s important to know that jaw pain, tenderness, or swelling around your gums can all be symptoms your wisdom teeth are about to erupt. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact Dental Care Olathe for a consultation to determine if your wisdom teeth should be removed.

Can wisdom teeth cause problems?

Wisdom teeth can cause a multitude of problems because they tend to not have enough room to grow in. Because of that, it’s not uncommon for them to be crooked or sideways in your jaw, which keeps them from fully growing in because they’re impacted.

The dentists at Dental Care Olathe may recommend removing your wisdom teeth to avoid undesirable problems, including:

  • Infected or decayed wisdom teeth
  • Gum disease from impacted wisdom teeth
  • Shifting of your surrounding healthy teeth
  • Fluid-filled cysts that damage your jawbone
  • Jaw pain and tenderness

To avoid these problems, the expert dental team takes X-rays of your teeth during your semi-annual dental check-ups to determine if and how your wisdom teeth are developing and if there’s enough room for them.

What should I expect after my wisdom teeth removal?

Our expert dentists use local anesthesia to ensure a painless and comfortable procedure. After the surgery, the anesthesia wears off in a few hours, but you’ll be able to use pain medication such as Tylenol in addition to a cold pack to relieve pain. After the procedure, it’s recommended you rest for the remainder of the day and avoid strenuous activity for three to five days.

You’ll experience some bleeding for the first few hours after the surgery along with mild swelling and bruising which should subside within two to three days. In addition, only eat soft foods such as applesauce, and avoid cleaning your mouth for the first 24 hours.

If you have any other questions regarding your wisdom teeth and if they should be removed, contact the experienced team at Dental Care Olathe or schedule your appointment online.